Sarmalink WiFi_t_002 thermometer




SarmaLink WiFi thermometer for simple monitoring. The device has a local web page (server) for local monitoring and configuration screen to set up monitoring through page for remote monitoring. No base station needed. USB connector for power, reset and serial command-line interface.

  • Sensor cable length 1m (3 ft)
  • Measuring range -55 ° (-67F) C to +125 ° C (257F)
  • Measuring accuracy 0.5 ° C (in the range above 10 ° C).
  • Power Supply USB 5V (not included)

The sensor can be used indoors or outdoors under a roof, but should not directly be exposed to water, or other fluids. The USB stick can be used only indoors.

  • Simple Web interface for configuration and monitoring.
    • Setup for working with SarmaLink,
    • your own private server,
    • or a stand-alone configuration.
  • Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit scale are selectable.
  • No base station required works through a standard Wi-Fi connection (2.4 GHz).
  • Automatic driver installation for USB connection.
  • Can be powered from the USB phone charger.
  • Advanced feature to satisfy requirements of demanding IT specification:
    • Accurate temperature and humidity readings using SHT20 sensor.
    • Password protected configuration.
    • Simultaneous operation as an HTTP server, HTTPS client, USB Serial device.
    • Multiple security features for IoT infrastructure.
    • SCPI-like Serial interface commands
    • Secure configuration reset to factory defaults only via physical access using the USB interface.
    • NTP client with time zone configuration.
    • Secure connection to a server using the HTTPS protocol.
    • Self-explanatory data exchange in JSON format.
    • Certificate validation can be turned off for e.g., for private servers on LAN.
    • Provides diagnostic data such as uptime and wireless signal strength.
    • Arduino compatible, reprogramming voids warranty.
Online installation  instruction is  available here.

Package include: Sensor with Wi-Fi/USB module

Power supply: USB 5V (adapter not included)


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